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April 16, 2017

This weekend we had Friend's Easter or #Feaster as it truly was. For the past 3-4 years our good friends Stacy and Kyle have hosted, and it's one of the highlights of the year. We had a surprisingly thorough and particularly delicious spread this year. Kyle made a unique apple, miso glazed ham, along with parmesan/almond asparagus, rutabaga veggie dish, and potatoes au gratin! A few other notable dishes were green bean casserole stuffed phyllo dough pockets, healthy(ish) macaroni salad, and Meg's traditional bunny cake. Kyle and Stacy being the amazing hosts that they are, also made a signature cocktail of limoncello, lemon juice, lemon peal and prosecco!

We ended the day by stopping at Starbucks before heading up to Riverside park for a couple hours of sun, and beers.

Another perfect day and weekend with my friend family in the city.


A day in Flushing

April 16, 2017

Last Sunday (April 8th) Andrew's friend Cam took us on the most deliciously fun trip to Flushing. We tried about 6 different places each individually known for a specific food item. We started with rice dumplings, followed by traditional dumplings, then soup dumplings, tripe, and ended with a noodle bowl of deliciousness. Thank God for Cam, whom graciously and seamlessly took us to every amazing whole in the wall place. It's actually incredible because we individually spent $40 at most for all of the food we got! Such an amazing experience, definitely worth the 45 minute subway ride.

We ended the food tour in Long Island City and Rockaway Brewery because we were in desperate need of a cold one after all the food.

This was the epitome of a Sunday Funday.


The Breakfast Club in TriBeCa

April 5, 2017

Today, our supper club turned into the breakfast club, or the "brunch club" rather. For those that don't know- Andrew and I have been in a supper club with some of his hometown friends for the past year. We alternate either picking a restaurant every month or hosting at one of our apartments. One of the couples in our supper club recently had a baby (he is the cutest little guy-please refer to picture below) so it's been naturally more difficult for them to make it. We decided to do a brunch in order to make it easy on everyone. Andrew and I chose Distilled in TriBeCa since it's relatively close to all of us and they serve really yummy food! 70% of the group ordered a Bloody Mary (or two)-well worth it! Also, the staff was unbelievably sweet and gave us two ordered of their wings and warm crumb cake on the house! Couldn't recommend this place enough!

A day/night in the LES

April 5, 2017

This past weekend I celebrated my 27th birthday with some of my closest friends. I hate to say this and to some it may sound totally ridiculous but I actually am starting to feel old! Late twenties is weird. I would actually love to just click pause and stay 27 for years but sadly this isn't possible so might as well embrace the fact that I am nearing 30!

Anyway, I had a lowkey fun brunch at Tijuana Picnic- one of my favorite places to go out in the LES. They have 1.5 bottomless brunch option for $20 extra on top of whatever entree you get. After we reached a good buzz, we proceeded to go to one of our NYC faves #verlaine for Lychee Martinis-what else? 3 martinis in, and it was time for Karaoke, because when in the LES you go to BoHo Karaoke as an in between to the rest of the night. After an hour+ of drunken fun, we headed to Spitzers for yet more drinks and grub. By this point it was past midnight (we started at 2:00 pm) so some people began to part home. A few us continued to rally and so we headed to the ever ratchet but fun Los Feliz. We had an entire chocolate cake left of which we were picking off with our fingers (I know ew but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) thankfully Andrew ended up getting us forks so we could eat like civilized human beings. If 4 places and 11 hours of straight drinking wasn't enough-- we decided to hit up one more place before heading home. We headed to Wassail, one of my favorite bars and home to endless delicious cider options! Truth be told we would have stayed out later but Wassail closed at 2:00 which actually became 3:00 am because of daylight savings.

All in all, this was a fantastic 27th birthday and only reiterated my love for my friend family and this fun and beautiful city!

Eleven Madison Park

February 24, 2017

On February 14, 2017-Andrew and I cliched to the max and celebrated our two year anniversary/Valentines Day at Eleven Madison Park. This was a generous gift from his parents and we couldn't have been more thrilled!

The experience was everything we imagined it to be for a Top 3 restaurant worldwide. Meaning--SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE. I won't spoil the experience for those that want to try, but you can see part of our first course, in the main pictures of this blog. I should actually preface by saying that the first course was a glass of Champagne--which we later followed by two more bottles of wine. I had only eaten a yogurt and a handful of almonds the entire day to make sure my appetite was ravenous, what I didn't account for was the lack of substance to soak up the alcohol!

Needless to say I was drunk by the first course but we somehow managed to make it through the 3 hour experience.

I don't know when or if we'll be back but I'm ecstatic that we got to experience it even if just once!

The Best Sandwich Shop in the City!

April 5, 2017

I am biased but Untamed Sandwiches is the best Sandwich shop in the city, and thankfully they now have 3 locations, Midtown 39th and 6th, Midtown East coming soon, and Dumbo! All of their sandwiches are made from sustainable ingredients, from the veggies to the grass fed meat which makes a HUGE difference! The meat is cooked low and slow so you get the most incredible flavors!

Taco Dumbo!

April 5, 2017

Check it out!

This taco shop is brand spanking new! Their friends and family soft opening happened On October 30th. It's a trendy surfer taco shop for every day dining that serves margaritas on tap! Whaaaat?! Seriously go check this place out!